Municipal Work

Representative work includes serving as the Solicitors for Pocono Township, Zoning Hearing Boards and the Monroe County Conservation District.

Given their extensive municipal backgrounds, Royle & Durney attorneys can help clients navigate permitting processes, licensing, and similar issues. Having sat on the other side of the table, Royle & Durney attorneys know how to assist clients in the land development process, including seeking variances from existing Township regulations.

Mr. Durney previously served as Solicitor for Pocono Township, a post formerly held by Mr. Royle. Mr. Royle has also served as Solicitor for Smithfield Township and Paradise Township. Both Mr. Durney and Mr. Royle have served as Solicitor for Zoning Hearing Boards, currently including Jackson, Smithfield and Tunkhannock Townships. Mr. Royle previously served as Solicitor for Pocono and Paradise Zoning Hearing Boards.