About Us


The law firm of Royle & Durney was established in Tannersville, Pennsylvania in 2006 by two men who wanted to bring their diverse experience in the law to the communities in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, the place they call home.

With many years of real estate experience, including multi-million-dollar deal financing, Royle & Durney delivers high-level legal work in real estate, development and financing matters. As the practice has grown, so has the breadth of experience of Royle & Durney lawyers, who are skilled advocates in civil and litigation matters, in addition to dealmakers in corporate matters.  From litigating matters large and small, to estate planning and administration, to representing buyers and sellers of real estate, to criminal defense—just to name a few areas of practice—Royle & Durney lawyers are committed to producing top-notch legal services.

Royle & Durney attorneys have held prestigious law clerk positions and coveted associate positions in large Philadelphia and New Jersey law firms. They have started and run other successful practices. They have served as Solicitors for several Monroe County Townships and Zoning Hearing Boards, as well as Monroe County Conservation District. They have been and continue to be involved in their bar organizations and in their communities.

From sophisticated and complex deals and disputes, to the simple pursuit of justice, Royle & Durney is proud to serve the Pocono community.